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Eglisau - the lively little country town on the Rhine


Eglisau lies on the beautiful, steep northern bank of the Rhine near the German border, embedded in sunny vineyards. A walk through the medieval town, a visit to a wine cellar or a boat trip on the Rhine are particularly worthwhile.

The close surroundings offer recreation and relaxation in many ways. Whether on a hiking or cycling trail, with a fine meal and a glass of excellent Eglisauer wine; a place to feel good.

In the immediate vicinity and within easy reach you will find Zurich Airport, the cities of Zurich, Schaffhausen and Winterthur. Another major highlight is the largest waterfall in Europe: the Rheinfall.

"Standing high above the largest waterfall in Europe, feeling the roar of the water all over your body - you can do that at the Rhine Falls near Schaffhausen. You can reach castles, the Rhine Falls basin and even the mighty rock in the middle of the waterfall by boat".

References: landscape photos Jürg Alean, Eglisau, text partly from the homepage of the municipality Eglisau

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